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Some Possible Solutions

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Cookies, Browser Privacy Settings, and First Time Users


1. You enter your username and password, and you receive this message, "Unfortunately, cookies are currently not enabled in your browser." Click Here for instructions on how to enable cookies in your web browser.

2. You know cookies are enabled and you still receive the "Unfortunately, cookies are currently not enabled in your browser." message. This usually happens in the web browser Internet Explorer. You will need to alter the "Privacy Settings."

Adjusting Privacy Settings

  1. Select Tools link found at the top/right.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Select Privacy Tab.
  4. Select Advanced; button.
  5. Add checkmark to Override Automatic Cookie Handling box.
  6. Make sure the First-party and Third-party boxes are checkmarked.
  7. Restart Internet Explorer.

There is a short video on YouTube demonstrating this Privacy Setting adjustment. Click Here to view it.

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