About the Administrative Training Module


The School Nutrition Toolbox  is a series of on-line, self-paced training  modules designed to help improve your understanding of the administrative processes required of schools participating in the National School Lunch Program. Learn the steps you and your staff need to take to make sure that funding is not at risk due to administrative errors.

The School Nutrition Toolbox  teaches you how to perform all required tasks associated with each of these three topics:
  • Eligibility Determination:
    including application packet requirements, prior year eligibility, categorical v. income eligibility determination, recordkeeping, and much more
  • Verification:
    including sampling methods, error-prone applications, notifying selected households, documentation, and much more
  • Meal Counting and Claiming:
    including acceptable and unacceptable systems; handling lost, stolen, 
  • misused tickets; reporting and documentation requirements, and much more

The Schoool Nutrition Toolbox training system:

  • is online. No paper necessary. No travel, either!
  • is self-paced. You can review as you have time (in separate settings) and as often as you like.
  • is authoritative. The material taught is aligned with USDA requirements.
  • includes pre-tests and post-tests, practice questions, and learning activities.
  • provides documentation you can print and use to verify you have been trained.
  • is easy to use!

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