At present there are 3 training modules you can enroll for a course in.

  • NSLP Administrative Training Module. Composed of 3 courses: Eligibility Determination, Verifcation of Eligibility, and Meal Counting & Claiming.
  • NSLP Annual Training Module (required yearly).
  • NSLP Additional Training Module. Comprised of 10 courses: Civil Rights in the NSLP, Offer Versus Serve (OVS), Overview of School Nutrition Programs, Serving Students with Special Needs, FSMC - Contracting with a Food Service Management Company, Breakfast: The Most Important Lesson of the Day, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, Farm to School: Keeping it Safe, Renewal Year Contract with a Food Service Management Company, and Selecting a Meal Purchas Option.

Instructions for Enrolling

Enrolling for a course at the School Nutrition Toolbox begins by:

  1. You must have an account with the School Nutriton Toolbox in order tto enroll in a course. If not, please read these instructions Create Account Instructions.
  2. At the top of the School Nutrition Toolbox Training Series homepage, from the horizontal navigation bar, roll your cursor over Enroll in a Course menu item. The 3 training module categories will appear. Rolling your cursor over each of the 3 module categories will display the courses associated with each in a submenu.
  3. Select a course by clicking on one highlighted by your cursor from the module category submenu.
  4. The training site login page will load. Enter your username and password.
  5. Confirmation Page Loads > You will be asked if you want to "Enroll In This Course" > Select "Yes" (of course!).
  6. New Page Loads > You will be forwarded to the course's Topic Outline page and you can begin the course.